Where to stay in Porto – Best regions and accommodations

View from the inside of a recommended private apartment where to stay in Porto facing the Douro river

With centuries-old monuments, close to the famous wine cellars, home to several typical dishes and full of history to tell, the city of Porto is a destination that cannot be left out of your itinerary in Portugal. We select the best neighbourhoods and list tips on where to stay in Porto. 

A guide to help you decide where to stay in this city that is a cultural reference and symbol of northern Portugal.

Best districts and neighbourhoods to stay in Porto

Porto Travel Guide - Best Places to Stay Map

To help plan your itinerary and choose where to stay in Porto, we have segmented this recommendation list into 4 main districts and metropolitan areas split by type of accommodations.

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Where to stay in Porto: Baixa do Porto / Sé 

The ‘Baixa do Porto’, known as the Sé district, is one of the most desired neighbourhoods by tourists, there you will find most of the attractions, historical monuments, many restaurants and nightlife.

The Historic Center of Porto is one of the best neighbourhoods for those who want to be close to the action and to the pier, the perfect place for taking a walk and enjoying the view of the Douro. Here, the Douro River, which borders the city, is a constant (and stunning!) view.

In addition, it is very easy to move from the Sé district to other neighbourhoods and sights in Porto.

1. Accommodation in Baixa do Porto/Sé

1.1 Luxury

Torel 1884 Suites & Apartments

Torel 1884 is one block from the Sé Cathedral, an excellent option for those who want to stay close to the Historic Center of Porto and near many restaurants. Its service has all the refinement of one of the 5 best-rated stars in the city.

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Maison Albar Hotels Le Monumental Palace

As well-rated as Torel 1884, Maison Albar is also close to the main tourist spots in Porto. Installed in a 1923 building, the hotel combines a mix of historic air with modern pieces.

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1.2 Boutique Hotels

Infante Sagres – Luxury Historic Hotel

For those who like to stay in a historic mansion with elegant furniture and at the same time being close to the best attractions in Porto, Infante Sagres is unique with its chandeliers and staircases.

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Pestana Vintage Porto Hotel & World Heritage Site

Located at the pier of Porto, the Pestana Vintage has a romantic air, balconies overlooking the Douro River, as well as being in a classic building built in the 19th century.

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1.3 Simple and cosy

Oporto House

Oporto House offers the style of an old mansion in its architecture and furniture, costing less than luxury hotels. Its stone walls are preserved and create a unique atmosphere, in addition, the hotel is less than a block from the Clérigos Church, which is worth a visit.

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Dear Porto Guest House

Dear Porto Guest House is located 3 blocks from the metro and you can walk all over the historic centre. The hotel has the warmth of a home, offering convenience and comfort in a simple and well-maintained environment.

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1.4 Private apartments

Boutique Rentals-Kihara’s Ribeira Apt great views

Close to the pier and with very modern decor, the apartment is in a historic building and has many balcony doors, which makes everything well lit. It has an equipped kitchen and two bedrooms with a king-size bed.

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Red Oporto Home River Front – Ribeira

The doors and balcony of this apartment face directly to the Douro River. In addition, it is in an old building, but well maintained and has a bedroom and a full kitchen.

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1.5 Hostels

Hostel Market

The Hostel Market is about five blocks from the Historic Center of Porto and between two metro stations, with easy access to other places and sights in the city.

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Selina Porto

A modern hostel in a prime location. But not only that, Selina has a shared kitchen and an excellent outdoor social area that is open to the public, perfect for meeting new people and enjoying a happy hour. In addition, it also offers optional coworking space and various activities such as yoga classes and workshops.

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Pilar Hostel

A little further away from the Historic Center, but with easy access by public transport, taxis and cars by application, one of Pilar’s strengths is the cost/benefit ratio for tourists who want to spend less in hotels plus the bus coming from the Airport takes you right at the hostel door.

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Where to stay in Porto: Cedofeita

Cedofeita is a trendy neighbourhood north of the city centre, it has hotels and accommodation with more affordable prices, in recent years the area has become a reference in cultural centres bringing much of traditional and contemporary Portuguese culture.

From Cedofeita, it is very easy to go to Baixa do Porto or Foz do Douro, the neighbourhood is very well served by public transport, has a metro station and the distances are short to travel on foot or taxi.

It is worth mentioning that the Crystal Palace with its fabulous garden is in Cedofeita and is worth the visit even for those who are not staying there.

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2. Accommodation in Cedofeita

2.1 Luxury

Hotel Cristal Porto

The Hotel Cristal Porto brings together the characteristics of a four-star hotel, which in fact is, with boutique-style decor and affordable hotel price for its premium service.

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2.2 Boutique Hotels

Casa do Conto & Tipografia

The architecture and decoration are what draw the most attention at Casa do Conto, with old art pieces and pasted prints, it is really very charming. The hotel is just two blocks from the Medieval Church of Cedofeita.

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2.3 Simple and cosy

Casa Carolina Porto

Casa Carolina Porto has options for rooms and suites. The suites are very spacious and have a small living room, kitchen and balcony, which gives the feeling of being in a flat but with hotel service.

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2.4 Private apartments

Penthouse for 2 with Jacuzzi

In the neighbourhood of cultural effervescence in the city of Porto, nothing better than a very cool studio, with the plus of a modern kitchen and a bathtub in a completely glassed environment overlooking the garden.

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2.5 Hostels

Gallery Hostel

The Gallery Hostel has decor in the common area worthy of more expensive hotels and an excellent bar. The rooms have a desk and the decor, although simpler, is well suited for an economical and cosy place.

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Where to stay in Porto: Foz do Douro

Foz do Douro is the central neighbourhood closest to the beaches, it is right in Douro river mouth in the Atlantic Ocean, hence the name.

With some very peaceful beaches, the region brings together many forts and the glamour of one of the most expensive areas in the city. Like much to enjoy in Porto, the forts of São Francisco Xavier and São João Batista are part of the history of Portugal and can be visited, where you will find a junction between culture, history and nature, with the best of Porto and Portugal.

It is definitely worth to visit Foz do Douro, even if you are not staying there.

3. Accommodation in Foz do Douro

3.1 Luxury

HF Ipanema Park

The HF Ipanema Park is a standard 5-star hotel in Lordero do Ouro, between the Foz do Douro and Baixa do Porto, that is, a strategic point to visit the city’s many attractions.

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3.2 Boutique Hotels

Vila Foz Hotel

Vila Foz Hotel manages to combine so many attributes that it is worth mentioning in this list of hotels in Porto. One of them is the service, but it goes much further, the hotel is in an old mansion, with modern decor and facing the sea.

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3.3 Simple and cosy

Casa das Laranjas

The strong point of Casa das Laranjas is the location, first because it is very close to the Foz do Rio Douro and the São João Baptista Fort, and second because it is in a house that makes the way a walk by itself with its beautiful tiny streets of cobblestones and traditional houses.

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3.4 Private apartments

Flattered to be in Porto Sea View

Cool studio overlooking the sea, has a double bed and a full kitchen. With a privileged location, the apartment is one block from Douro River.

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3.5 Hostels

Casa dos Azulejos

One of the few options of hostels near the Douro is Casa dos Azulejos, which despite being in the municipality of Matosinhos, joined our list because it is about 1.5 km from the beaches of Foz and with easy access to the city of Porto via metro. With a beautiful balcony and tiles that give the house its name.

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Where to stay in Porto: Vila Nova de Gaia

Vila Nova de Gaia is the only neighbouring city with its own section on this list, it is located in the metropolitan area of Porto, on the other bank of the Douro River, but with easy access to the historic centre of Porto, by public transport, taxi or even walking along the Luís I Bridge that connects Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia.

The city is famous for its traditional wooden boats, known as rabelos, which today are used to make tours along the Douro River. But what most calls the attention of those who visit Vila Nova Gaia is the excellent gastronomy and the wine cellars, which produce one of the most famous wines in the world, Port wine.

Virtually all cellars offer guided tours and tasting. In addition to the food, Vila Nova Gaia also has its historic charm and beaches.

Tip, take the opportunity to appreciate the sunset at Jardim do Morro, after all, the best thing about Gaia is that whenever you go to Porto you will always come across the famous landscape of the banks of the Douro with its iconic colorful houses, a living painting by the river.

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4. Accommodation in Vila Nova de Gaia

4.1 Luxury

Boeira Garden Hotel Porto, Curio Collection by Hilton

Boeira is a five-star Hilton chain located in an old mansion, right in the centre of Vila Nova Gaia. Despite the distance of about 1 km from the downtown, the hotel offers Hilton quality and easy access to the main sights of Porto.

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The Yeatman

The Yeatman Hotel is noteworthy for the incredible view that its outdoor area provides, quality services, in addition to the romantic air of the award-winning restaurant overlooking the river. If you could choose a single hotel to stay in Porto, Yeatman would be a sure choice.

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4.2 Simple and cosy

Porto Je T’aime

Porto Je T’Aime is located near the cellars of Vila Nova Gaia and with easy access to the best sights of Porto. This guesthouse has comfortable private rooms of different sizes and a well-equipped and decorated shared kitchen. Located at the main avenue of Gaia, the metro is just around the corner and if you need to shop, be it groceries, clothes or other items, you will find everything around you.

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4.3 Private apartments

Porto View 2B: Two-Bedroom Apartment 

Apartment overlooking the pier, very well located with easy access to the historic centre and the cellars of Vila Nova Gaia. It has two bedrooms with beds that can be separated, a kitchen and a living room with a four-seater table.

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4.4 Hostels

The House of Sandeman

The House of Sandeman is a mix of suites and hostel with shared rooms. There are many rooms with views of the river, in addition to the hostel having an outdoor area with loungers.

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