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Access to outstanding experiences, high-quality information and specialized services to support gastronomy tourism with business excellence, cultural consciousness and social responsibility.

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A platform to find unique food tourism experiences and amazing digital content that connect travellers around the world with destinations through food culture.

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Services and digital content to help industry professionals and destinations in developing and promoting Food Tourism. Let's grow together!

Why food tourism?

Food’n Road was created from a restlessness feeling: the priorities of modern life have weakened the ties between people and their bond with food. The future of this behaviour is a disconnected and fragile society.

Food has a key role in building a prosperous and happy future, being a means of connecting people, places, and time. For that, we need to rethink our relationship with food, to become aware of our food choices, and the impacts of each demand we create.

We understand that every reflection starts with reliable information and is intensified with good and memorable experiences. In this context, we believe that Food Tourism is an excellent tool to initiate this change.

Food Tourism is more than just entertainment, but a powerful tool for Responsible Tourism development.​

Culinary Experiences

With Food’n Road, your vacation becomes a true gastronomic journey. Be ready to enjoy the tastiest destinations around the world.

Tasting local dishes is a type of food tourism experience

Our Services

Food Travel Design
Food Travel Designfor travellers
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A customised service for travellers looking for authentic gastronomic journeys.
Consulting & Mentoring
Consulting & Mentoringfor business
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Expert guidance and support to develop ideas into a successful business.
Content and Promotion
Content and Promotionfor business
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Food'n Road is the perfect site for destinations and brands to connect with food travellers.
Lectures & Workshops
Lectures & Workshopsfor business
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Travel trends, business insights, panels moderation, and more on experiential and food tourism.

The Journey

It all started in 2017 when we set out on a long gastronomic journey around the world. The interest in local cuisine became a mean of connection, and the food quickly became the common language.

The more we travelled to explore food and culture, the more we understood how transformative food tourism is. In addition to being a strong ally for the economic and social development of the locality, food tourism activities bring to the traveller unique experiences, interactions, and learning opportunities about other cultures, peoples, and territories.

In 2020 we founded Food’n Road. A company that believes in food tourism and places itself at the centre of the table to connect travellers, food enthusiasts, chefs, local producers and much more.

We find the perfect experience for the perfect trip. If your motto is gastronomy, then you are in the right place.

Adriano and Karina – Co-Founders Food’n Road


Cultural and Biodiversity Appreciation

Awareness about the relationship between food and society

(Re)connection with food

Joint Action & Local Development

try local dishes in a food travel
visit to local farmers as a food travel
visit to local markets in a food travel
cooking class as food tourism during a trip

the Team

Meet the Team

Karina Freitas


Bachelor of Engineering, specialized in Chemistry, has always worked with market development. Karina believes and advocates that food comes from the earth. She’s one of those who want to learn how to do everything handmade.

Adriano R. Mello


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and MBA from Old Dominion University, USA. Adriano loves homemade food and traditional family dishes, those made without hurry and preferably in four hands (or more!).