Lisbon is full of traditional markets, there is something for everyone. Some, founded centuries ago, grew and developed together with the city, which makes them an attraction that cannot be left out of your trip to the capital of Portugal.

For those looking for where to eat in Lisbon, these markets offer unique gastronomic experiences. But not only that, in addition to a lot of history and culture, they also provide interesting options for shopping and entertainment.

To help with your itinerary in Lisbon, we chose the main markets that are worth visiting, with their own special touch capable of providing different experiences for those who visit.

The Best Markets in Lisbon

A map with pin markers showing the location of the best markets in Lisbon
Markets in Lisbon Map

Ribeira Market and Time Out Market

This is one of the oldest markets in the city. What started as a street fair in the 17th century, gained its own building at the end of the 19th century.

In 2010, a tender was held to grant a revitalization of the market. At the time, the editorial team of Time Out magazine won the contest and in 2014, the Time Out Market was opened.

If you are looking for traditional cuisine with a touch of modernity in the city of Lisbon, here is the perfect place. The Time Out Market brings together chefs from the best restaurants in the city, which provide an interesting gastronomic experience. You can try their best dishes but in small portions.

In addition, the traditional Ribeira Market stores are still there, selling a variety of spices, fish, among other products. The market also has a space for concerts and another for gastronomy workshops.

The Ribeira Market is right in front of the Cais do Sodré station, which by the way, is a beautiful region for a peaceful stroll while enjoying the sunset.

Benfica Market

Benfica Market is known for its unique circular shape. There you will find fresh fruits, vegetables and fish, as well as clothes, shoes, cakes and even flowers.

The Benfica market is located in one of the most populous neighbourhoods in Lisbon, being a place for those looking for a very local experience. It’s a great opportunity to get a taste of a true Lisbon street fair since the market has an exclusive part to it. If you want to enjoy the ride, this Benfica market is very close to Silva Porto Park.

Campo de Ourique Market

This market is good for those looking to buy and eat in the same place.

Despite being smaller than the Time Out Market, the Campo de Ourique market also offers options of restaurants and bars with typical Portuguese foods, all in a very traditional neighborhood of the city.

A good choice for those who want to shop for typical products like sweets, spices and, of course, fresh fruits and vegetables.

The area where the market is located is full of shopping options, in addition, a few blocks from the market, is a square called Jardim Teófilo Braga, a good stop after a hearty meal.

Arroios Market

Opened in 1942, the Arroios de Lisboa Market is another market that has undergone a renovation along with its history. The interesting thing is that after the revitalization, a hydroponic greenhouse was built on the roof and some of the commercialized food is produced right there.

With a structure that resembles Lisbon’s street fairs, you will find fresh products, such as fish and vegetables.

But, the charm of the place is not only in its internal structure, there are many restaurants around, which are worth visiting.

The Arroios Market is located a few streets from the Alameda metro station and the Luminosa Fountain, which is an interesting place to stroll and take some pictures.

31 de Janeiro Market – Açucena Veloso

Known for supplying the best chefs in Lisbon, what you will find at 31 de Janeiro Market is a lot of quality mainly in fresh fish and seafood.

Also, if you are in doubt about where to eat in Lisbon, check out Casa do Peixe restaurant located on the market upper floor which prepares their dishes with the fresh fish sold in the market.

In September 2020, the market gained a new name, in honour of a fish seller who worked there for years, Açucena Veloso and became famous for supplying fish to the most renowned chefs in the region.

The 31 de Janeiro market is close to the Picoas station and behind the Picoas Forum. Also, it is located right next to the Garden Henrique Lopes de Mendonça, another option for a break after shopping. The parish of Arroios, where the market is located, has a wide variety of hotels.

Feira de domingo do LX Factory

This tip is a little different from the others. On Sundays, within the LX Factory space, there is a fair called LX Market, where you can eat brunch and have a few drinks while exploring clothes, design pieces, local products and vegetable stalls. A cool way to spend your Sunday morning in Lisbon.

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