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For foodies and food enthusiasts who love to explore new flavors around the world, this is a boutique service to create bespoke high-end travel plans focusing on the gastronomy of the destinations.

Gastronomic itineraries by Food’n Road

We’ve been traveling for years for culinary experiences and can help you do the same!
Explore gastronomic routes. Visit wineries and other local productions. Learn to cook with an award-winning chef or in the house of a local host. Get to know amazing dining experiences. Stay in stunning hotels and villas.
Discover destinations in a different way, taste the world!

How it works

This service is dedicated to trips with a minimum budget of approx. $500/day per person, depending on the destination and season. We charge a consulting fee to create the itinerary that includes curating the experiences, accommodation, transportation, contracting additional services, and managing reservations.

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Why Food’n Road?

Specialists in food travel, we live on the road searching for partners and experiences to make your trips perfect and unique.

Food’n Road is an independent agency affiliated with PRIMETOUR, a Virtuoso member and specialized in luxury tourism for over 30 years. With access to exclusive deals, concierge services, special benefits and upgrades along with a network of specialized partners, we develop unique and 100% customized itineraries according to your needs and preferences.

Your job is to tell us what you want, ours is to make your wish come true!

comida sendo ofertada aos monges, experiência única de uma viagem gastronômica cultural

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exploring the pleasures of the table has always been associated with leisure moments, but on a culinary trip, the gastronomic experience becomes the protagonist of the trip.

Our itineraries include unique activities that provide food and beverage experiences in such a way that they value the history, culture, and environment of the destination. Examples:

  • Follow regional product routes (e.g., travel on wine or coffee routes);
  • Take a food tour;
  • Learn about the production of food by visiting farms and artisan producers;
  • Tasting sessions of local food and beverages;
  • Visit markets specializing in regional products;
  • Going to restaurants with traditional cuisine;
  • Staying at wineries and rural hotels.

If you want, we can eat and drink all day long! But although our trips are centered on the gastronomic culture, we can include other activities such as attractions and museums, ecotourism, tickets to events, etc.

Absolutely! Experience trips are transformative and great to take the little ones on. We design itineraries to accommodate every type of family. If needed, we can also include hiring nannies, private chefs, adapted transportation for strollers, support for mobility restrictions, and more.

We estimate that your trip will have an average cost starting at $500/day per person. This figure does not include the consulting fee and the cost of airfare.

We are specialists in food travel, living on the road in search of the best experiences and suppliers for our customers. The consultancy rate involves the hours dedicated to planning your trip, including alignment meetings, curating experiences, managing reservations, and other services in line with your preferences and budget.

We plan the itinerary according to your preferences and take care of all reservations. For example, transportation, private driver, travel insurance, hotel, restaurant reservations, sightseeing experiences and activities, tickets, and whatever else you need.

We work with most destinations. The most popular ones are Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, and Argentina.

Food Travel Design is a premium service with high-quality suppliers that guarantee a stress-free trip and unforgettable moments. Although the recommended value is a reference, we do not plan trips with budgets much lower than indicated. But we can help you in other ways, find out more in the next item.

In addition to 100% customized trips, we also offer pre-designed packages for you to get inspired and adapt to your preferences. For those planning their own trips, we offer activities and experiences that can be booked directly through the site, and travel and food guides to help you learn more about the destinations we work with.

Still having doubts?

If you haven’t found the answer you were looking for in our FAQ, you can always contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.