Minas Gerais is home to so many tourist attractions that people often overlook Belo Horizonte, the state’s capital. In this article, we help you to choose where to stay in the BH.

The capital of Minas Gerais is worth a visit. It has many museums and cultural centers that provide a lot of information about the state’s history. In addition, the gastronomic scene in Belo Horizonte is fantastic, and we must admit that the cuisine of Minas Gerais is one of the best.

The city’s architecture is also spectacular, especially the historic center and the planned district of Pampulha, with many works by the architect Oscar Niemeyer and the artist Candido Portinari.

Even if you only stay for a few days, it’s worth the effort to visit Belo Horizonte before heading on to the state’s interior. You can find amazing country hotels in Minas Gerais.

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Best districts and regions to stay in Belo Horizonte

To help you choose a place to stay in Belo Horizonte, we have divided this list into 3 main districts and metropolitan areas by type of accommodations.

  • Savassi and Lourdes
  • Downtown BH
  • Pampulha

Understanding the map

BH’s central neighborhoods such as Centro, Barro Preto, Savassi, and Lourdes are bounded within a circle drawn by Av. Do Contorno, but the city extends beyond the central region. To the north of Belo Horizonte is Pampulha, and to the south is the Serra do Curral.

Where to stay in Belo Horizonte: Savassi and Lourdes

Savassi and Lourdes are traditional neighborhoods in the capital of Minas Gerais that are home to most of the city’s many bars, cafes, and restaurants.

The variety of these establishments range from cool bars to the most refined cafés. You will also find restaurants with typical food from Minas Gerais and renowned bistro with international cuisine.

Another advantage of staying in the Savassi and Lourdes neighborhoods is that they are very close to the center but with a much quieter routine than other Brazilian capitals.

Accommodation in Savassi and Lourdes


room terrace at fasano hotel, one of the best hotels where to stay in belo horizonte

Hotel Fasano Belo Horizonte

The Hotel Fasano Belo Horizonte’s decoration is based on woody tones. The hotel houses the Gero restaurant and the Baretto bar, offering a gastronomic experience to the guests. It also has a space for meetings and events.

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outdoor swimming pool at hotel ramada belo horizonte

Ramada by Wyndham Belo Horizonte Lourdes

The Ramada by Wyndham Belo Horizonte Lourdes offers complete rooms with a kitchen and living room. The hotel also has an international restaurant and bar, the Sofia Café.

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Simple and Cozy

double room at vivenzo savassi hotel in belo horizonte

Hotel Vivenzo Savassi Belo Horizonte

Hotel Vivenzo Saviassi Belo Horizonte offers a gym and a buffet restaurant. It has pleasant decor, and the staff has good reviews from its guests. 

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breakfast served in a double room at royal golden hotel in belo horizonte

Royal Golden Savassi

At the Royal Golden Savassi, the rooms are spacious and include a living area. You also have access to a fitness center, sauna, lunch buffet, and a swimming pool. If you book the deluxe room you can also relax in a private whirlpool tub.

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Vacation Homes

double room at flat promenade in belo horizonte

Flat Promenade Pancetti

The apartments at the Flat Promenade Pancetti have one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room, a small kitchen, and a balcony. In addition, guests have access to the outdoor pool located on the terrace and a fitness area.

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double room at stay max savassi apart-hotel in belo horizonte

Maxi Savassi Apart Service

Maxi Savassi Apart Service has apartments with one bedroom, a balcony, a living room, and a fully equipped kitchen. They offer a restaurant, swimming area, and fitness area. It is similar to a condominium but with hotel-style service. You can bring your pet along. 

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terrace at br hostel in belo horizonte

Br Hostel

Br Hostel has a very colorful decoration and several common areas, both indoors and outdoors. Besides offering shared rooms, it also has the option of private rooms with double beds.

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front door from rock! and hostel in belo horizonte

Rock! and Hostel

The Rock! and Hostel is a space for those looking for fun. Besides common areas with TV, there is a large outdoor area for socializing. The hostel also offers the option of private rooms. 

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Where to stay in Belo Horizonte: Downtown and Surroundings

Most of Belo Horizonte’s museums, monuments, and palaces are located in the downtown area.

The Liberty Square is the central point of a stroll around the city. It houses the Cristo Rei Palace (a French-style construction from the XIXth century).

You will also find the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil with a museum and temporary exhibits of Brazilian artists. The Memorial das Minas Gerais has a good collection about Brazil along with the Memorial das Minas e do Metal.

The Municipal Market is a great place to find souvenirs. It has delicious Minas cheese and typical foods.

Accommodation in BH Downtown


double room at belo horizonte plaza, best hotels in belo horizonte

Belo Horizonte Plaza

The Belo Horizonte Plaza rooms are spacious and include a sitting area. The hotel is also home to a restaurant serving regional cuisines, an event area, and 5-star service.

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double bedroom at stay royal boutique savassi hotel in bh

Royal Boutique Savassi

The Royal Boutique Savassi has rooms that include a private area for relaxation with a Jacuzzi and views of the city. There is also a buffet restaurant, as well as a large wine cellar that offers a wide range of wine labels.

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Simple and Cosy

front facade at ibis hotel in belo horizonte

Ibis Belo Horizonte Liberdade

The Ibis Belo Horizonte Liberdade has a more vintage decoration, which gives it a unique charm. Access to the terrace is also available. The bar is open 24 hours. The hotel allows pets.

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outside building architecture of Sul America Palace hotel in Belo Horizonte

Sul América Palace Hotel

The most striking feature of Sul América Palace Hotel’s colonial-style architecture is the fact that it brings a little bit of Belo Horizonte’s historical side. The buffet breakfast includes a variety of regional and homemade dishes. 

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Vacation Homes

living room at holiday private apartment to rend in belo horizonte

New Apartment in Downtown BH

The New Apartment in Downtown BH has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, and microwave. The apartment also features a large living area with views of the city.

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outdoor garden at hotels bh

Hostel BH

Hostel BH offers a variety of common areas including a laundry room, a gourmet kitchen, and a reading room. The hostel’s decor is unique, featuring lots of soapstone and furniture that is reminiscent of Minas Gerais’ homes.

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Where to stay in Belo Horizonte: Pampulha

Pampulha is a neighborhood that was previously planned and began to be built around its lake in 1940.

Oscar Niemeyer designed the architecture around Pampulha Lake and its many buildings. Burle Marx, a landscape designer, designed the gardens, and Portinari, a plastic artist, has several works.

The São Francisco de Assis church, a project by these three artists, is fantastic. In addition, in the Pampulha neighborhood, you will find sculptures by the artists Zamoiski, Ceschiatti, and Pedrosa. Pampulha is an open-air work of art.

The Vila Rica Pampulha cannot be left out. The place is a gastronomic complex that reminds us of the historic cities of Minas Gerais. It is worth exploring its food and walking through its beautiful alleys.

Accommodation in Pampulha


double room at stay quality pampulha hotel in belo horizonte

Quality Hotel Pampulha & Convention Center

The Quality Hotel Pampulha and Convention Center features a vibrant decoration that brings life to the rooms. The hotel has the Dal Grano restaurant which offers an extensive wine list and an a la carte menu.

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double room at bristol jaragua, recommended place where to stay in belo horizonte

Bristol Jaraguá Pampulha

The Bristol Jaraguá Pampulha hotel’s decoration is all in brown tones, which gives it a cozy feel. There is also a space for events and a restaurant with Minas Gerais cuisine. 

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Simple and Cozy

simple double room at stay frimas hotel in belo horizonte

Frimas Pampulha

Frimas Pampulha’s rooms have a basic design, but with modern touches that make them more inviting. Frimas Pampulha is a 3-star hotel with a restaurant.

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swimming pool from the hotel stop inn plus in bh

Stop Inn Plus Pampulha

The Stop Inn Plus Pampulha offers spacious rooms and a rooftop pool that overlooks the city. It also boasts a restaurant with simple decor but decorated with colorful items that give it a relaxed feel.

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Vacation Homes

terrace at casa confort private house to rent in belo horizonte

Casa Comfort Pampulha

The Pampulha Comfort House has two bedrooms, a full-sized kitchen, and a cozy living area with local decor. Very well decorated, the house has a huge patio, totaling an area of 400 square meters.  

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double room at orla pampulha hostel in bh

Da Orla Pampulha Hostel

Da Orla Pampulha Hostel has a large outdoor area with a garden, pool, and a game room with a pool table. There is also an area where you can exercise. Da Orla Pampulha Hostel offers a good breakfast as part of its daily rate.

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