Food tourism is on the rise. Within this segment, it is possible to find a variety of activities that satiate the hunger and curiosity of tourists, foodies and food travellers. In this article, we explain what a Food Tour is.

Food tour in central market

What is a Food Tour?

Food Tour is a guided tour with the aim of presenting the history and traditions of a community through its gastronomic culture. In general, these gastronomic tours include food tastings related to a specific theme and are usually concentrated in a certain neighbourhood or culinary niche.

Most of the time a Food Tour is done by foot, but there are also tours on bicycles, tuk-tuk, scooters, etc. The idea is for the guide to take advantage of the route to tell a little about the history and curiosities of the places where they pass between one tasting and another.

Most common examples of Food Tours:

  • Typical Dishes;
  • Street Food;
  • Drinks and Cocktails;
  • Traditional Sweets;
  • Historic Centre;
  • Indigenous Food;
  • Municipal Markets;
  • Immigrants Quarter;
  • Food Foraging.

Why start a Food Tour

If you are aware of the gastronomic culture of a particular place, including its culinary tradition and ingredients, you are well aware of the importance that many of the traditional cooks, bars and restaurants have for the community as holders of intangible heritage and traditional knowledge.

A Gastronomic Tour integrates the tourist with the local culture and its territory and evokes all the senses of the visitor. The secret is to deliver to the customer a complete experience with taste, smell, knowledge and affective memories.

A Positive Impact

We all want to work with something that leaves a legacy that we are proud of.

Organizing a Food Tour is an opportunity to strengthen pride in the local culture, support small entrepreneurs, family businesses and preserve their history, thus valuing their traditions.

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How to Start a Food Tour

If you are interested in starting your own tour, know that nowadays it is much easier to undertake in this sector. Currently, the Tourism sector has many digital platforms to reach its customers and promote their business at a small cost.

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