Food Tourism has been a major differentiator in the hospitality sector by offering gastronomy experiences to attract more guests to hotels, guesthouses and hostels around the world.

The hospitality industry started to offer a variety of food & beverage activities to its clients as a way of broadening the range of experiences and integrating guests with the local culture. These experiences can be organized and conducted by the establishment itself or through related partners.

Check out some food experiences you can offer to attract more guests.

Local Product Tasting and Exhibition

Presenting local products for tasting sessions is a great way to broaden the experience of your guests and your product portfolio.

Talk to local producers and evaluate what is done in the region. You can invite them to present the products at predefined times or simply display these products for sale at your establishment leaving some samples for tasting.

Tasting sessions organized periodically and at no cost to the guest are a great treat and an effective way to present part of the local culture. In addition to demonstrating hospitality and generating complementary sales, you contribute to the development of local producers.

Who doesn’t like to take a homemade sweet as a souvenir?

tasting session with chocolate and cheese to attract more guests

Cooking Class

Cooking class is no longer just an activity for those looking to specialize in cooking, but also an entertainment activity. Nowadays, tourists from all over the world are looking for this kind of gastronomy experience. They can learn about the destination through its typical ingredients and dishes and still take the recipe home.

If you work in a hotel, I have good news, you probably already have a kitchen to offer this kind of experience to your guests!

If you want to set up cooking classes in your place, check out our cooking class planning guide.

Food Tour in Local Markets and Traditional Restaurants

Food Tour is one of the most sought food experiences around the world.

You can organize private or group tours and offer this experience to attract more guests. You can take them to know local markets and traditional restaurants while telling the history of the place and the culinary culture of the region.

It is possible to organize the tours internally or to work with a partner. Surely your guests will love your stories and come back home with much more knowledge about the destination.

Group Dining with Regional Menu

Usually, hotels menus already offer some typical dishes of the region, but they are served upon requests and individually.

To differentiate and attract more guests to your table, how about organizing a group dining or a weekend lunch with a predefined menu focused on the typical dishes of the region?

Plan ahead, ask guests to attend and arrange a nice meal as if it were a family reunion. There is nothing better than conversations around the table, it generates integration, leisure time and a lot of affective memories.

People drinking Tea during a Group Dining to help attract more guests to the hotel

Food Tourism offers additional experiences to your guests, contributes to cultural preservation and stimulates community development

In addition to activities that help you grow your business by attracting more guests and increasing customer satisfaction, you will also be contributing to the appreciation of the local culture, strengthening a sense of community and developing business in the region.

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