Each day more people look for experiential tourism to fill the agenda of their travels. And we are not different. In all of our travels, we seek to have unique and authentic experiences that give us the feeling that we are out of the daily routine. After all, we all want to have lasting memories of that long journey we dreamed and planned so hard, don’t you agree?

Nowadays there are already many ways to engage in experiential tourism and one way to do it is to connect with local communities. A more direct relationship with people of different cultures can bring various benefits to both travellers and local residents.

Do you know what Food Travel means?

This is exactly what Backstreet Academy does, a social company of experiential tourism that we knew while travelling in Indonesia. Our connection to its values and social impact was so aligned that we decided to become ambassadors of the company to contribute to its mission.

Do Good as you Travel. Make a difference to local communities wherever you go with unique hand-crafted experiences. Alleviate poverty, conserve heritage and bring home an experience to remember, all at once.

Backstreet Academy Mission

Conscious Tourism

It is usually more convenient to think only about the experience of the tourist. Everything happens around him while he seeks that unique and unforgettable moment that will be kept forever in his memory.

But it’s also important to think what’s left for the destination after us, the tourists, go away. What is the consequence of our visit and demands? What is the impact on people who live there, work, study, and walk through the streets and villages every day?

Social Impact

The Backstreet Academy has brought an answer to these questions. Focusing on important social pillars, the company aims to generate additional income for poorer communities, empower and create micro-entrepreneurs, increase cultural awareness of travellers and preserve intangible cultural heritage.

How does it work?

The Backstreet Academy works with the formation of micro-entrepreneurs, most of them are local residents who already work with activities related to their culture. With the support of NGO’s or directly with the communities, these people are trained and empowered in different skills such as communication and management. Through a digital platform, the host receives travellers interested in learning and experiencing these activities ranging from cooking classes to craft courses, martial arts, fishing, sewing and much more. At the moment the focus of the company is in Asia.

Travel to connect

We believe that travel is an excellent opportunity to connect with people from other cultures, with the environment, and with ourselves. A unique chance to deconstruct prejudices and evolve as individuals and society.

For more information, see the videos below.