To reflect about food
beyond the plate
Access to high-quality information and outstanding experiences for the transformation of modern eating habits and to build a better future.

We decided to create Food’n Road from a restlessness feeling: the priorities of modern life have weakened the ties between people and their bond with food. The future of this behaviour is a disconnected and fragile society.

We believe that food has a key role in building a prosperous and happy future, being a means of connecting people, places, and time. For that, we need to rethink our relationship with food, to become aware of our food choices, and the impacts of the demand we create.

We understand that every reflection starts with reliable information and is intensified with good and memorable experiences. In this context, we believe that Food Tourism is an excellent tool to initiate this change.


What we look for

  • Cultural and Biodiversity Appreciation
  • (Re)connection with food
  • Awareness about the relationship between food and society
  • Joint action

To develop Food’n Road, we left home for a gastronomic journey around the world to explore local food and culture of different countries.

The more we travel to explore food culture, the more we conclude that food tourism with a focus on cultural immersion is a strong ally for economic and social development for the locality, besides being unique and memorable for the traveller.

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We offer a variety of services for companies and destinations who want to value and promote their food traditions!


Food made our connection stronger as a couple, and from that, we learned to see the world in a different way.

We are a Brazilian couple and food enthusiasts. After working 10 years in a large multinational, we decided to change our corporate career to write a different and significant story for our lives with the creation of Food’n Road.

Find how real food became part of our story!

Co-Founder of Food and Road - Adriano Ramos de Mello

Adriano R. Mello

A little bit of everything to get out of the routine. Interested, dreamer, and easily motivated when the subject is to learn new things. Graduated in Business Administration and International Business, has an MBA and made a career in Business Controlling and Planning. He loves homemade food and traditional family dishes, those made without hurry and with four hands. He learned to cook to have the freedom to eat according to his preferences and creativity. With a sensitive look to the surroundings, enjoys learning from the nuances captured from each destination and meal.

Co-Founder of Food and Road - Karina Garcia Lopes de Freitas

Karina Freitas

Curious and stubborn ever since. Background in Chemical Engineering, always worked with strategic market development and project management. Suddenly she discovered a passion for cooking and culinary culture. She believes and advocates that food comes from the earth. She’s one of those who wants to learn how to do everything handmade. In the pots and pans she can cook all her creativity, willingness to please, and hunger for knowledge, always well seasoned and with lots of olive oil, please!