Are you looking for a place to eat in Lisbon? From traditional taverns to award-winning ones: there are restaurants in Lisbon for all tastes (and pockets!).

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Among the most classic options are the traditional restaurants and family taverns with typical food, a simple ambiance, and moderate prices. If you don’t want to miss out on the best of the world’s gastronomy, you will be delighted with the many starred restaurants in Lisbon, run by names like José Avillez, Henrique Sá Pessoa, and Alexandre Silva.

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Traditional Places

Cervejaria Ramiro

shrimp stew at cervejaria ramiro, one of the most traditional restaurants in Lisbon
© Cervejaria Ramiro

Opened in the 1950s, Cervejaria Ramiro became world-famous after the visit of renowned chef Anthony Bourdain. Always with customers lined up at the door, its specialty is seafood – some of which is caught in the on-site aquarium minutes before preparation, as the seafood tradition dictates. Be sure to try the “Al Guilho” prawns and the Bulhão Pato clams. (Av. Almirante Reis, nº1/H).


© Restaurante Gambrinus

Located in downtown Lisbon, Gambrinus has kept a very traditional menu of Portuguese specialties since 1936. Among the delicacies served are Bulhão Pato clams, house cataplana, Gomes Sá style codfish, and Mirandela sausage. The atmosphere is very traditional, with stained glass windows, oil paintings by Portuguese artists, and is divided into three distinct spaces: a large hall with a capacity for 80 people, a more private room with a few tables, and a counter for those seeking a quicker meal. (R. das Portas de Santo Antão 23).

Ti Natércia

An authentic Portuguese restaurant still little explored by tourists but loved by the locals. In this family restaurant, Ti Natércia herself cooks and serves the customers. The codfish dishes are varied and always at great prices. The menu also features Bulhão Pato clams, Nisa and Azeitão cheeses, and octopus salad. (Escolas Gerais, 54).

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Maçã Verde

One of the taverns most appreciated by the Portuguese was once a snack bar specializing in hamburgers. But when it embraced the Portuguese origins in its menu, it became a reference. Next to Santa Apolónia Station, Maçã Verde is a success with its simple environment, typically Portuguese dishes, and affordable prices. The grilled codfish with baked potatoes is a success. (R. Caminhos de Ferro 1100).

Zé da Mouraria

Tasty and plentiful servings, fair prices, and a queue at the door. That is the traditional Zé da Mouraria, which already has two restaurants in Lisbon. The more traditional and famous one is open only for lunch. Zé da Mouraria 2, on the other hand, has a more comfortable atmosphere, with less of a tavern feel, and is open for lunch and dinner. One is not far from the other, and their menus are very similar, perfect for those who want to taste authentic and traditional Portuguese food. Highlights include the house codfish and the garlic beef. (Zé da Mouraria – R. João do Outeiro 24 | Zé da Mouraria II – R. Gomes Freire 60).

Tasca do Chico

In the busy Bairro Alto, Tasca do Chico stands out for its traditional atmosphere and the fado performances that entertain the customers. The walls are decorated with photos of famous people who have passed through there, and the ceiling is filled with banners of soccer teams. Because of the tourist potential, the prices are slightly higher than in conventional tascas, but nothing scary. It is usually quite crowded at night, so it is worth making reservations. (R. do Diário de Notícias 39).

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Starred Restaurants


© Restaurante Alma

To think of award-winning restaurants in Lisbon is to talk about Restaurant Alma, from chef Henrique Sá Pessoa. With two Michelin stars, the establishment in Chiado focuses on traditional Portuguese cuisine, but with a slight influence from the chef’s trips to Asia. The fish and seafood gain status as works of art in the dishes, which arrive at the table in a five-step tasting menu or a la carte. Among the main courses, options such as calçada de bacalhau, veal loin, or confit suckling pig. (R. Anchieta 15).


carabinero served at Belcanto Jose Avillez, considered one of the best restaurants in Lisbon
© Belcanto José Avillez

Also with two Michelin stars, the Belcanto restaurant is located in Largo de São Carlos. It is the main restaurant of chef José Avillez, who also has six other places around Lisbon (Bairro do Avillez, Cantinho do Avillez, Mini Bar, Pizzaria Lisboa, Tasca Dubai, and Tasca Chic).Generally, there are two tasting menu options (with or without wine pairing) and à la carte options, such as the sea bass with peanut pumpkin puree. (R. Serpa Pinto 10A).


© LOCO Restaurante

Chef Alexandre Silva’s restaurant Loco promises a complete experience, from the ambiance for only 20 people – with a suspended olive tree on the ceiling and a kitchen with an opening to the lounge – to the menu, served in 16 courses, always with flavored surprises. The name Loco comes from locavore, a term that refers to local products, mostly from small farmers. For this reason, the original menu is constantly changing, bringing the best of each season. (R. Navegantes 53-B).

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© JNcQuoi

Want a change in the menu? JNcQuoi is one of the trendiest restaurants in Lisbon that would fit in any cosmopolitan city in the world. In the middle of the hall, a huge velociraptor skeleton draws attention. The menu still includes some typical Portuguese dishes, but they share the kitchen with many international options, such as burrata and ceviches, besides the drinks. The success was such that the group opened a second restaurant, JNcQuoi Asia, with 950 square meters, a capacity for 300 people, and modern and luxurious decoration. (JNcQuoi Avenida – Av. Liberdade, 182-184 | JNcQuoi Asia – Avenida da Liberdade, 144). 

Taberna Sal Grosso

Modern, but not that much. Taberna Sal Grosso has a hype status but keeps the menu very focused on Portuguese cuisine, with some twists. The options are written in chalk on a board on the wall, and the idea is to order several small portions to try a bit of everything.  The beers are handmade, in a variety of styles, and produced in-house. The place is small and crowded, so be sure to make a reservation. (Calçada do Forte 22).


© Pigmeu

The Pigmeu restaurant follows the proposal of offering the most varied pork dishes and very original tastings. Among the options, alheira croquettes, black pork steaks, and Portuguese-style pork sandwiches. (R. 4 da Infantaria, 68).


© PLANO Restaurante

A native of Tras-os-Montes, chef Vitor Adao reflects with excellent quality the flavors of the transmontana cuisine in his delicious menu, tasted in either 5 or 9 courses. After a year of its opening, which took place in 2019, the Plano restaurant was classified as a revelation restaurant by the Michelin guide, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it soon takes a star. From starter to dessert, you will be taken on a delicious journey through the coast and mountains of northern Portugal. A hint, take advantage and opt for the harmonized menu. You will discover excellent wine producers handpicked by the sommelier of the house and deliciously harmonized with each dish from beginning to end. (R. da Bela Vista à Graça 126).

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