Food Tourism as a Tool for Connection

We are committed to guiding travellers for authentic experiences through food and support professionals and destinations in developing Food Tourism.


Food Tourism is more than just entertainment, it is a way for meaningful experiences that educate and create awareness about Culture and Responsible Travel.

Consulting & Mentoring

We provide expert guidance and support to turn your ideas into a business plan, lead a creative process for the development of authentic products, develop a marketing strategy, and conduct experience assessments for businesses and destinations.

Content Creation

There are many ways to guide and educate travellers about Food & Culture. Let us help you to create unique contents and promote your stories with whole new references for travellers and food enthusiasts around the world.

Travel Design

Food Tourism is a growing segment with plenty of offers to choose worldwide. Travel Design is a customised service for travel agencies and independent travellers that look for authentic and safe gastronomic journeys. Talk to us!


Workshops centred on the cuisine of different countries with the objective to teach and connect people with food and culture. It can be developed and presented according to customer needs, from a typical cooking class workshop to a team-building exercise that presents business topics with food as the background.

Food Tourism Talks

Food Tourism is a tool for local development and cultural appreciation. Despite its many benefits, there are also challenges to work on. We talk about the segment insights, market intelligence and trends as well as moderate and lead discussions with stakeholders.

Training and Courses

Coming soon! Training materials and online courses to foster entrepreneurship and develop new businesses in Food Tourism. Among all, you will learn how to design, manage, and promote food tourism experiences and much more.


We believe in joint action and collaborative work! If you are aligned with our mission, come and talk to us!