Our Story

We used to work in the same company in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. There is where we met for the first time and started to share our routines and reflections. The routine was the usual: work, career, plans for the future, traffic, holidays, busy weekends, and time running fast. Do not misunderstand us, we liked it all!

We always made the effort to live a balanced life and explore different alternatives to realign body and mind: yoga classes, meditation courses, home-office, gym, flexible working hours, social projects, but over the years to achieve this balance becomes increasingly difficult and the only solution ends up with prioritization.

Food has always been one of our priorities, so we made a choice: to cook every day. It was in the kitchen that we truly met as a couple and individuals – the act of cooking and sharing the meal is an act of union, and we always try to make our union true. Naturally, our cuisine was mirrored in this way, with real food, handmade, accompanied by a lot of music and good wine.

The more we cooked the more we noticed how this habit is so distant from many people around us. Priorities change as life goes by, and for many people, food has become just a matter of obtaining energy regardless of quality. We decided to resignify our food and eating habits, we did not want food to be just a fuel, but part of who we are, our history.

This simple decision caused a general change in our lives: our agenda changed, our Saturdays were at the farmers market, we sought to understand the story behind each ingredient, we made our own bread, our beer, fermented food, homemade pasta, we cooked our grandmothers’ recipes and we were happy!

Our meetings with friends became tastier and more interesting, we put creativity into practice, invented new dishes, rescued family traditions, had lots of fun and also frustrating times. All excellence we always seek to deliver in our work environment had then spread to our house, we began to feel more complete, sharper palate, wholehearted!

But something was still missing…Because of our dedication to work and career, we felt that much of what we wanted for us was being left for later, to the next vacation, after we have a child, retirement, whenever it is. The reflections around the dining table made us question more intensely what we are looking for in this life, what legacy do we want to leave? What a difficult question! The two of us in an incredible career moment, enjoying our jobs, newlyweds, mortgage settled, no children, the perfect time for this reflection.

We decided to go further: we quit our jobs to travel the world! However, there is a different motivation behind the trip besides travelling, we want to rescue food as the centre of relations, show that the kitchen is not so complicated, and remind people that nothing tastes better than home-made food for a family meal!

That is what motivate us, we want to reconnect people through food.

Welcome to Food’n Road, make yourself at home! Would you like some coffee?

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