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Malaysia brings together a little bit of everything that the Asian continent can offer. Cosmopolitan cities? You’ll find it there. Heavenly beaches? It also has. Forests and wildlife? In droves. Diversified cuisine? Certainly. Of all the ways to explore the country, one of the best is starting with gastronomy. The typical Malaysian dishes are a portrait of the mix of people and traditions that live there. If you want to start with the classics, go straight to Nasi Lemak, the country’s symbol dish. It is proof of how the Chinese, Indian and Indian cultures coexist in perfect harmony: rice is cooked in coconut milk and served with pepper sauce, anchovies and peanuts. Hit a curiosity? I bet you do!

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With such amazing gastronomy, landscape and food traditions, Malaysia has plenty of unique food travel experiences to savour. Check out our special curation from selected partners.

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