Bali: Private Full or Half-Day Authentic Food Tour Ubud

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Get a real taste of Balinese’ authentic flavors during this private culinary tour where culture, history and flavors come together. Explore rice terrace, sample the world’s famous Luwak coffee and discover the diverse and delectable local cuisine of Bali.

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Discover the highlights of Bali’s culinary scene on this tour, which will take you to places other tourists don’t go. Visit places where only locals eat and see how everyday people live their lives.

Start your authentic culinary adventure with Babi Guling Ibu Oka. which is arguably the most famous place to have Balinese-style roast suckling pig. This dish is a celebration meal, served at rite-of-passage ceremonies like the weddings of Hindunese people in Bali. Your journey will not be complete without tasting the famous authentic Ubud crispy duck and Nasi campur teges.

You will then take a short walk in the scenic rice terrace in Ubud and enjoy freshly picked coconut. Continue with a visit to Bali Pulina where you can witness the traditional process of making the Luwak coffee. Then, enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the beautiful landscape of refreshing green surroundings.

No meal is complete without dessert. You will be heading to Gianyar Night Market where you will try famous Balinese street food and desserts such as chicken betutu, satay lilit, terang bulan, kue pukis and the famous lak-lak. Your guide will then take you back to your hotel after a culinary adventure in Bali.

Why you will love it

  • Discover Balinese culture through its authentic flavors and food
  • Try the must-eat Ibu Oka’s roast suckling pig, Ubud’s famous authentic crispy duck and Nasi campur teges
  • Sample the famous Luwak coffee while overlooking the lush tropical jungle of Ubud
  • Walk in the scenic rice terrace and try fresh coconut
  • Visit Gianyar Night Market and sample delicious Balinese street food and dessert

What to Expect

  • Samples of all food and drinks mentioned in the description
  • Private tour guide
  • Luwak coffee tasting
  • Hotel transfer
  • Transportation
  • Admission fees

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