A quick guide to booking the best accommodation for your trip

Choosing the right accommodation makes all the difference in your trip. Today, there are hosting options for any preferences (and pockets!) just a click away. However, too many options can also raise doubts and hurt your choices. It’s important to know there are other types of accommodation to book besides hotels and guesthouses, such as hostels, vacation rentals, campgrounds, glamping sites and more.

Regardless of your preference, the process for choosing is the same.

How to choose the best accommodation

Set your budget

Accommodation is one of the biggest travel expenses. It is important to define how much of your budget you want to set aside to book your accommodation. For example, if you plan to spend the whole day strolling, you might look for a place with no leisure environment but one that ensures a peaceful night’s sleep.

What is essential in your daily life?

Think about the amenities you don’t like to give up while travelling. For example, some people don’t like to eat out every time and enjoy having access to a kitchen. Some search engines offer advanced filters for such convenience. If this information is not in the ad, send a message to the property/host and ask questions before booking the accommodation.

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Define in which region you want to stay and research hotels and places to stay using the map search, if available on the booking site. It is also interesting to look at the address on Google Maps and check its surroundings. Usually the closer to the tourist centers, the more expensive the accommodations are. An alternative is to book accommodation in less touristic regions but with easy access to the places you want to visit.

Are you going to travel in high season? Book it earlier!

Good options often sell out fast during the high season, so keep an eye on the calendar and book early. Always check the cancellation policy, many properties offer a 100% refund for cancellations requested a few days before check-in. This gives you flexibility and security when making reservations in advance.


Sites & Platforms to book accommodation

There are numerous online platforms to search for hosting alternatives and here is a list of our favorites.

Plataforma para reserva de hospedagem - Bookin.com


The search for accommodation usually starts here. The search engine is great and has several options to filter accommodations by type, location, additional services, etc. Good for hotels, hostels, hostels, homestays.​

Site de reserva de hospedagem - Hostelworld


Excellent site for Hostels’ research. Ideal for those looking for a dormitory bed, but also an alternative for large families. Have you ever considered renting a dormitory for the whole family? Cancellation is free up to 7 days before booking.​

Site de reserva de hospedagem - Airbnb


For those who want to feel at home while travelling It is possible to rent the entire property or just a room at the host’s house. Nowadays there are many hotels and hostels that advertise on Airbnb, in which case it is not advantageous to book there because of the rates. ​

Plataforma para reserva de hospedagem - Agoda


If you are going to Asia be sure to check the options in Agoda, the prices are usually very competitive. The more accommodation bookings made through the tool, the more credits and coupons you get to exchange for discounts on upcoming bookings.​

Plataforma para reserva de hospedagem - Glamping Hub

Glamping Hub

Want a different, sustainable experience, close to nature but still very comfortable? Glamping (glamorous + camping) is an alternative for you. Here you can find numerous lodging options around the world categorized into 27 types of glamping sites, from huts to treehouses.​

Plataforma para reserva de hospedagem - Couchsurfing


Encontre sofás ou quartos livres na casa de pessoas ao redor do mundo e não pague nada por isso. Nós utilizamos e adoramos, mas não use o Couchsurfing se você não quiser passar tempo com o anfitrião. A troca cultural é o objetivo principal deste tipo de plataforma.


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